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About Our Canteen

The canteen at Kalamunda Christian School is open every Friday for recess snacks, healthy lunches and treats.

We pride ourselves on selling an assortment of quality foods for the children to enjoy. Vegetarian choices are available and the canteen is nut and seed free for those with allergies.

If your child has special dietary needs please feel free to talk to our canteen manager about the options available.

Ordering Lunches

  • Each classroom has a lunch order tub containing a menu and lunch order bags.
  • Please use the brown bags from the tubs in the classrooms to place your lunch order on Friday mornings (feel free to take a few extra lunch order bags home for completion for the following week).
  • Please avoid using envelopes as it is very time consuming to re-write orders onto bags.
  • Place only lunch money in the bags (not recess money).
  • Please mark all bags with the child’s name, room number, teacher, value of purchase and money enclosed.
  • Important: If you are ordering for more than one child please complete individual bags, and put all orders together inside one of the bags, together with the required value of purchase (these can be placed into any classroom tub).

Canteen Menu

Click here for the Canteen Menu

Canteen Volunteers

Our canteen is run by volunteers and we would love to welcome any additional helpers. Children love seeing their parents and grandparents come in to help in the canteen. Your children will get their lunches for free on any day that you help in the canteen.

If you are able to spare some time to assist on a Friday, even for just one or two times a term, it would be genuinely appreciated. We need helpers over two shifts on Fridays between 8:30am – 11:30am and 11:30am – 2.00pm. Training is provided, although the work is not difficult and it is a great way to make new friends and meet other parents. Your children will get their lunches for free on any day that you help.

Online Canteen Roster

Click here for the Online Roster

Click here for the Online Roster Instructions

In order for our canteen to keep operating we need parents (or grandparents) to register ahead on the canteen roster. Alternatively please ask the school office to register online for you.

Each Friday, up to two parent helpers are needed on the roster for each shift. The first shift is especially important for food preparation.

Shift 1: 8:30am – 11:30am
Shift 2: 11:30am – 2:00pm

Free Fruit

The canteen offers free fruit to children at recess on Fridays.

If anyone has fruit trees or a vegetable patch with fresh produce to spare, donations to the canteen would be appreciated. Any fruit or vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, cucumber or capsicum would be wholeheartedly enjoyed by the children.