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Article: Bonfire, Barbeque and Bible

I had the privilege of meeting with some of the Year 6 students recently - through a great initiative organised by Mrs Oudman. A few dads had the opportunity to talk with some of the students about life, school and anything else the students wanted to raise – even some die-hard Dockers supporters were brave enough to speak up!

The adults gave a short testimony of our own lives and what it means to us to live as Christians. We spoke in general of the impact Kalamunda Christian and the other schools in Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA) have had on us and our families and how we all face challenges in different stages of our lives.

The kids were engaged and attentive throughout and I was greatly encouraged by their attitudes and character as well as their willingness to engage with myself and other adults they had only just met. I chatted with two boys in particular and they talked about what they enjoyed about the school and some of the things they found challenging about being 12 and heading to high school next year.

I hope that this is something that might become a tradition as I think these kids benefitted from having an outlet to discuss things that might be on their minds in a forum that is relaxed and open and perhaps different to a chat with their teachers or parents. I also want to encourage the Year 6 parents (as well as the KCS staff) as they have done a great job raising and shaping these polite, respectful and engaging young people.