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School Banking

We are very excited about our school banking program. In 2017, School Banking is getting children excited about the future with a brand new look for the Dollarmites. As Future Savers, students will join the Dollarmites on a journey to reach the Savings Hover Park, an amazing playground up in the clouds of a hi-tech city.

School banking actively engages students with the money management skills they will use for the rest of their lives, giving students more knowledge, independence and confidence when it comes to decisions about money.

How Do I Join The Program?

Please see our school banking co-ordinators on banking day for information about how to join the program.

You can apply to open a Youthsaver account online for your child in just minutes. Click here to open an account now.

How Do Children Make Deposits?

Our school banking co-ordinators will be in the school library on Wednesday mornings between 8:00am – 8:30am to accept children’s banking deposits.

We also have a school banking letterbox in the school office. If your child uses the banking letterbox, your deposit book will be be available for collection after each Wednesday school banking day.

School Banking Co-ordinators

Our thanks go to our school banking co-ordinators, Melanie Llewellyn and Julie Gardiner, for volunteering their time for this fantastic programme. If you would like to volunteer to assist with school banking please speak to either Melanie or Julie.

Fun Online Features

The Dollarmites Club website is full of cool games and activities for kids to enjoy while they learn about saving money.